Dearest JJ

Dearest JJ. Pain is inevitable. Loss. Sorrow.

Though we will always be celebrating your legendary life. You restoring law and decency in Ghana and emulating Africa as a whole. You and #ThomasSankara. You and your fantastic wife #NanaKonadu, an African icon in her own right, my friend and sister. You welcoming me several times in your home in Accra. You being our most distinguished guest at the Club Millenium in Paris. You receiving the Africa International Lifetime Achievements Award in 2006. So many powerful memories. So much inspiration. So proud of you #JJRawlings, so proud to be your friend. I salute you, African Hero. You did your part and paved the way. Your legend will live on to move our Continent to its great future. Rest in peace.

Marie-Roger Biloa

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